Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If you think you've done something stupid read on

who breaks her toe teaching yoga?
hi, i'm kim, and that would be me.
that's correct.  right in the middle of sun salutation yours truly heard a little snap crackle pop and there snapped the big toe.

but there's nothing like a broken big toe, or any other injury, to put it all into perspective.  before the "toe break of 2012" i was on top of my running game.  i just qualified for Boston.  i was supposed to run a 5K that weekend and try to break 21 minutes.  not so much.

the podiatrist had me stay off the sucker for 4 weeks.  seriously, the longest 4 weeks of my life.  talk about mood swings and emotional eating.  and one should not emotionally eat when one is not able to run off said calories. period.

i would teach class and literally itch to run with the group.  i'd stare longingly at the folks running around our town's 4-mile square.  i think i even slowed down once to just watch someone stride along.  yes, super creepy for sure.  and pretty pathetic.

after the 4 week running hiatus i was to "ease" back into running.  "do what is tolerable" said mrs. foot doctor extraordinaire. so that wednesday i did a couple miles with class.  thursday a couple miles with class.  friday a few more miles with Michelle. then Sunday a half marathon.

Yup. 13.1 miles with my running pals and half the city of Chicago.  it wasn't my fastest half marathon (slower by about 40 minutes).  but i took some sweet satisfaction that i could do it. and that made it one of my most accomplished half marathons to date.

although going up and down stairs was a bit of a challenge the next day it was well worth it.  and it wasn't the toe that was sore...maybe a combo of not a whole lot of training and a bit of dancing that night in Chi-Town :)

me, lisa and sara at the BIG bar. cocktail hour commenced at 4pm. 

lisa, me, shannon, sara, peg and staci at the big bar.  happy birthday Staci!

up on stage and Shannanigans.  Second year is a charm!