Monday, January 24, 2011

We meet again Mr. Higdon

Oh, how I've missed you Hal.  For the past 3 months I have ran without a plan.  Ran 3 miles here.  Ran 5 miles there.  Ran at a 10:30 pace.  Ran at a 7:40 pace (well, that was a 5K race to be fair.  But it sounds pretty freaking cool to throw it in there, you know?).  Skipped a whole 2 weeks of running due to 4 nasty wisdom teeth plucked out of my jaw, dry socket and a nasty infection (let me tell you...Fuuuuunnnn Times).  I have to admit, it was nice to be without a plan.  To run free.
But 2011 brings the promise of a new racing season.  A half marathon race in April, a couple of 5Ks thrown into the mix, and a little something called my 2ND MARATHON at the end of May.  Oh, and another lottery application to the NYC marathon for November (2nd time is a charm...right Sara??).  And all of this brings a visit to where I can be neurotic and obsess about how fast to run mid-distances and how to complete my long distance runs during vacation.  And I love it.  A true type A runner, I love the structure that my old friend Hal brings to my running days.   Thanks for coming back to me Hal baby.  Zach might have some competition.

Friends, let's put it out there:  What are you running this first half of 2011 and what are your goals?  There is some scientific evidence that if you actually put your goals in writing you are more likely to accomplish them.  So I am assuming that if you tell them to lots of faceless people in the blogging world, your chances to achieve these goals goes up immensely! Let's hope we can all look back at this blog post and say "I DID IT!" to every single one...

I suppose I can start us off:
April 2nd:  Martian 1/2 Marathon.  Good goal: under 2 hours.  Most awesome goal: 1 hour 51 min.
April 17th:  Race for the Cure.  Good goal: under 23 minutes.  Most awesome goal:  22:30
May 28th:  Bayshore Marathon. Good goal: 4 hours 10 min.  Most awesome: under 4 hours. GULP!

Yikes.  I sure put it out there.

Oh!  One more thing...I'll be blogging over at with an awesome focus group training for various distances at Bayshore in May while learning Good Form Running techniques.  Be sure to follow us too!