Wednesday, November 7, 2012


it started like any other day.
but then there was a warm hug in my bed by little hands of a 7 year old.
then it was a big hug from a big boy that gets close to be taller than mom each year.

and that made it more special.

then there were texts, calls, and facebook messages from all of you.  friends from near and far.  friends from now and forever friends that will never be lost.  wishing me a happy day.  telling me that you were happy that i was born.  telling me how much you love me.

and that made it even better.

then there were flowers at work from my love.  a visit at work from one of my bestest dearest friends.
a great run and yoga, followed by a beer (or two) in a can with my favorite running class.
topped by a surprise party with some of my favorites (mom and boys) complete with balloons, ice cream cake and homemade goodies (can you say coupon book?!?!).  and then a call from my love to say good night.

and that made it complete.

i used to be sad that i didn't have sisters or brothers.  you know what?  I do.  I have all of you.  Thanks so much for caring and making me feel super special on my special day.  no marathon victory could make me feel the way you all made me feel today.

100 years