Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 6 and 7

You get a combined post today because I was too busy drinking beer at the Tin Can yesterday to report my run on this blog :)
On day 6 I ran 3 miles with my Running 102 class.  I could write week after week about how this class inspires me, but this particular day it was a group of 8th graders that blew me away.  Not because they were fast (in fact, there was a more "mature" runner that blew past a couple of them during our repeats), but because of their enthusiasm.  It was a balmy 13 degrees and this group of kids could have been home eating pizza and playing xBox (which is probably what my little guys were doing).  Instead, they are with a group of strangers running 800 meter repeats behind the YMCA.  And smiling. Even a few of them  (2 boys!)stayed for my yoga class after. It was a pretty cool way to end my Monday.  Although the beer(s) at Tin Can didn't hurt.

I turned around and ran 4.5 miles in the bone chilling air with Kara and Kris. I so appreciate their company and camaraderie!   A fresh snow fell and it was hypnotic to listen to the crunch of our feet underneath.  It's New Year's Eve so a shot a selfie to celebrate (no, I didn't not run in the tiara. I would have if I knew it would stay on).

Until tomorrow (I am sure a small hangover will accompany me on my run), run happy friends!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

With a little help from my friends

Holy crap have I only been at this for 5 days?!?! 
Thank goodness I have a slew of running pals that (whether they know it or not) are going to help get me through this. I've got my Sara already concocting a New Year's Eve/Day combo run for us (more to come on that if I don't drink too many gin and tonics before ringing in the new year), Kris ready to keep me company whenever she can, Sarah that is running our duo 40th bday half marathon (right friend???), and my Boston buddy Kara who has hoofed countless miles with me through it all. 
We experienced something this year at Boston that I won't ever forget. And I am so proud of her for getting back out there in 2014. Looking forward to many more training miles with you friend! 
Thanks for the 6-plus miles this morning...and thanks for being such a great friend xoxo

Until tomorrow, run happy friends!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

my foggy

a beautiful morning for a run!
5ish miles and 33 degrees seemed like a heat wave. 

after seeing the fog i decided this run is for my dad.  a quiet, gentle soul that is my everything.  when i was little, i called him "foggy".  not sure why...and i didn't start calling him "dad" until i was too cool to do so.
(Yes, that is ice under my feet from the trees!)

until tomorrow, run happy friends!

Friday, December 27, 2013

it's called getting old people

my lower back aches.  there's a good possibility I have whiplash.  my tailbone feels like it has broken off. 
no, thank goodness I have not been in a car accident.
I just went sledding with my kids. 
I don't remember it hurting so badly.  my jaw rattled.  my head bobbed up and down. and my face hurt from laughing so hard. 
we (all) need to unplug and careening down an ice covered hill at speeds that this (old) body is not meant to endure was the perfect solution.

as I trudged up the hill with my 8 year old I lamented that I still needed to do my run for the day. sam (ever the negotiator) told me that I should count each climb uphill towards my run.  creative...but not quite meeting the 365 streak standards. 

but i have had enough of the great outdoors for the day.  so i took it to the treadmill, getting in the bare minimum of  miles in between lifting some weights in hopes to toughen up for my next downhill adventure.

sam, this run's for you today.  thanks for forcing me to unplug for a little while today while enjoying the company of two of my favorite little people.

Epsom salts...take me away.

until tomorrow, run happy friends!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

go your own way

A few inches of snow fell last night, leaving me to do Day 2's run slip sliding away. Instead of following the road to pick my friend Kris up who braved the white stuff with me (thanks girl!), I took the short cut through that hadn't yet been cleared.   I slipped, teetered, and looked in general super clumsy.  But I felt my inner kid coming out as I bound through the snow, and kind of felt disappointed when the sidewalk became clear.
After Kris and I did our 3ish miles I headed back that way, to have one more frolic.  I really didn't care if any of my neighbors saw me looking at my least graceful.   It was fun.

And that made me decide to dedicate my run today to my 10 year old Tyler.  He beats to his own drum, doesn't care what anyone things, and goes his own way.  I admire that about him. And I love it.

Until happy!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Merry

Merry Christmas! I have started my crazy 365 day running streak hitting the ground running (badabadabada).
I thought today would be a good day to dedicate my 4 mile jaunt to Jesus himself, since he is the reason for celebration today.  I am not a super religious gal, but I love my usual 4 mile route that winds me through a retreat center. It greets me with large overhanging trees that seem to wrap me in a warm embrace despite the winter air chill.  I typically take this route 3 times a week, giving me a chance to say a quick prayer of gratitude or a plea for guidance. 
Today was no different as I stopped before the retreat's beautiful manager nestled in a blanket of snow. I reflected on all I have and said a prayer for those who have not. 

And as I ran home, I wondered how in the heck I am going to do this for 364 more days in a row.

Until happy friends!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Streaking the Christmases

 Everyone loves a challenge. And when a friend of mine told me he was doing a 365 day running streak starting at the New Year my ears perked. I could SO do that.
I hope.
Truth be told, I have lost my running mojo. Not sure exactly when, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I left it just beyond the finish line on Boylston Street after the second explosion in Boston.
Yep. Pretty sure that's where it is.
I hoped a 2nd (and 3rd) marathon would have brought it back but both offered false alarms. 
So, a running streak you say? Running everyday for 365 days in a row? In Sickness, Heath, Ice (ahem), Heat, Sidewalk Sales, on and on? And that is going to bring the mojo back?
Don't know unless I try. 
But what I am most excited about is this: 
Every day I will run. I will blog each run. I will dedicate each run to someone as a way to express gratitude to him/her. Consider it a year long series of thank you notes since I am so terrible at writing them. 
My friend starts his streak Jan 1. Mine starts Christmas Day. 
Why not? Hope you will follow me here 👣👣👣👣