Sunday, December 29, 2013

With a little help from my friends

Holy crap have I only been at this for 5 days?!?! 
Thank goodness I have a slew of running pals that (whether they know it or not) are going to help get me through this. I've got my Sara already concocting a New Year's Eve/Day combo run for us (more to come on that if I don't drink too many gin and tonics before ringing in the new year), Kris ready to keep me company whenever she can, Sarah that is running our duo 40th bday half marathon (right friend???), and my Boston buddy Kara who has hoofed countless miles with me through it all. 
We experienced something this year at Boston that I won't ever forget. And I am so proud of her for getting back out there in 2014. Looking forward to many more training miles with you friend! 
Thanks for the 6-plus miles this morning...and thanks for being such a great friend xoxo

Until tomorrow, run happy friends!

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