Thursday, December 26, 2013

go your own way

A few inches of snow fell last night, leaving me to do Day 2's run slip sliding away. Instead of following the road to pick my friend Kris up who braved the white stuff with me (thanks girl!), I took the short cut through that hadn't yet been cleared.   I slipped, teetered, and looked in general super clumsy.  But I felt my inner kid coming out as I bound through the snow, and kind of felt disappointed when the sidewalk became clear.
After Kris and I did our 3ish miles I headed back that way, to have one more frolic.  I really didn't care if any of my neighbors saw me looking at my least graceful.   It was fun.

And that made me decide to dedicate my run today to my 10 year old Tyler.  He beats to his own drum, doesn't care what anyone things, and goes his own way.  I admire that about him. And I love it.

Until happy!

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