Sunday, November 2, 2014

my new road to boston

By now i think you all know my boston story.   2013 i crossed the finish line at the boston marathon.  20 minutes later tragedy struck.   I vowed to go back to Boston in 2015 and I trained tirelessly to qualify by 21 seconds at the Charlevoix Marathon.  Whew! I am in...or so I thought.  Due to the overwhelming response I missed the cutoff by 42 seconds.  
Ok. Plan B.
I just found out last week I have been accepted to run Boston under a charity entry.  It is the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong fund through the Bringham and Women's Hospital in Boston.  It is a 20 person team made mostly of Gillian's friends, family and doctors at BWH. 
And me.  
Gillian was a spectator at the 2013 race, waiting for her older sister to finish.  In fact, she probably cheered me on as I ran to the finish line.  I was just 20 minutes or so ahead. Gillian suffered traumatic injuries as a result of the second bomb. The team at BWH saved her legs and her spirit.  Now her family wants to give back to the hospital that healed her daughter, other bombing victims, and future patients. 
My second trip back to Boston originally was about healing my emotional wounds.  Now, it is much bigger than that. I have committed to raise $8,000 towards this cause and run the marathon (my husband Zach is also running for a different charity, Team in Training).

Check out this blog as often as you'd like (shoot, go ahead and subscribe to it! or bookmark it!).  I am going to try to post here each week with updates about my fundraising and training (with all my excitement about raising money i kind of forgot i need to start marathon training very soon.  yikes!).  

Week 1:  I don't have my personal webpage set up yet from BWH so I have become quite resourceful in my fundraising.  I set up my own consignment site on Facebook and i have been selling new and gently used things and collecting the dollars for my cause.  Man, I must have a lot of stuff because I racked up $550 this week!!!!  And, I have friends donating their stuff to me too.