Saturday, March 22, 2014

haters gonna hate

i really hate a 5K. 
ah, i guess that is a bit harsh.  but give me a marathon or half marathon any day over 3.1 miles.  with a marathon you get to warm up during the race; you've got hours to make up time.  a 5k you'd better start all out or else you are done.  with a marathon you are expected to eat a big old breakfast (and dinner!) before the race. unless you'd like to see that all over again at the finish line, you'd better be eating just a banana before your 3.1 race.
That is exactly why one of my goals this year is to run more of them.  Yes, they are fast and furious, but then they are done.  My torture begins today with the first 5K of the season: The Run for the House.  This is my 4th time doing the race;  I guess you'd say we have a little history together:

2013 (my current PR finish that i won't come close to touching today 20:52)

2012 (21:24...again, pretty sure that's not happening today either)  

spectacted in 2011.  lazy ass.

2010 (23:38 dear God i hope i beat that today...)

Will let ya know how it goes.  Main goal:  get out there and have fun.  And stop being such a hater.

Until next time, run happy friends!

**21:25 for 2014. i'll take it!