Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 6 and 7

You get a combined post today because I was too busy drinking beer at the Tin Can yesterday to report my run on this blog :)
On day 6 I ran 3 miles with my Running 102 class.  I could write week after week about how this class inspires me, but this particular day it was a group of 8th graders that blew me away.  Not because they were fast (in fact, there was a more "mature" runner that blew past a couple of them during our repeats), but because of their enthusiasm.  It was a balmy 13 degrees and this group of kids could have been home eating pizza and playing xBox (which is probably what my little guys were doing).  Instead, they are with a group of strangers running 800 meter repeats behind the YMCA.  And smiling. Even a few of them  (2 boys!)stayed for my yoga class after. It was a pretty cool way to end my Monday.  Although the beer(s) at Tin Can didn't hurt.

I turned around and ran 4.5 miles in the bone chilling air with Kara and Kris. I so appreciate their company and camaraderie!   A fresh snow fell and it was hypnotic to listen to the crunch of our feet underneath.  It's New Year's Eve so a shot a selfie to celebrate (no, I didn't not run in the tiara. I would have if I knew it would stay on).

Until tomorrow (I am sure a small hangover will accompany me on my run), run happy friends!

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