Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pre-race Zen

In 48 hours I will be standing on the start line of the race I have been diligently training for the past few months.  During this training time our group endured runs in the snow and runs in unseasonal heat and too many runs in the wind.  We dodged crazy dogs, made emergency bathroom stops at undisclosed locations, had a couple of our water stations stolen, and even did some "destination" excursions.  This is typically the time where I start to freak out a bit...wondering if I have it in me to complete such a distance. I felt that way last August before the 10 miler.  I certainly felt that way before the Capital City Half Marathon.  But this time, I feel an overwhelming sense of calm.  I am more uptight and nervous about what to pack than I am about actually running.  Perhaps because we are staying overnight somewhere has me distracted from the fact that I will be running 15.5 miles on a course I have never seen before.  Another distraction could be for the last 2 weeks I have been racing around like a chicken with her head cut off, with a to do list consumed with birthdays, BBQs, school activities/paperwork, etc. etc.  Or maybe I am fixated on the post-race Michelob Ultra tent for after run beer imbibing (and a hotel room reserved until 5 pm to nap it all off...).   Truth be told, the reason for my uncharacteristic sense of zen is I have not put any pressure on myself to complete the race in any given time (I do have a goal in my head...but I choose to keep it right up there along with the other random thoughts floating in my brain).

So, it is TAPER week, meaning the week before a big race when you cut down your mileage considerably to rest up for the said big day. Now you all know I typically am a healthy eater and occasionally indulge in a sweet treat every now and again (aka chocolate cake). So you would think the week before this big race I'd be eating all the Quinoa, Tofu, Oatmeal and Protein shakes I can, right?  NOPE.  I have been consuming more sugar than one girl really should in a week. If I was keeping a food journal, the abridged version would look a little like this (note:  amounts are approximate.  perhaps i erred to the smaller side to make myself NOT  look like a TOTAL cow...)

breakfast:  sensible english muffin with peanut butter.  another spoonful of peanut butter. and another.
lunch-piece of sweetielicous roasted red pepper and feta quiche that was about the size of my head.  i ate the whole thing.  then i "split" a chocolate chunk cookie AND a lemon cherry bomb cookie with my mom.  mathematical note to self:  2 halves of a cookie do in fact equal a whole. don't kid yourself.
dinner:  sit down dinner "skipped" b/c of such a big lunch. instead i scarfed down a snack wrap from McDonald's (crispy of course) and then a trip to scoopy doo's ice cream shop for a Reese's peanut butter cup flurry.  it was Sam's birthday, after all.  i needed to help him celebrate. i might have came home and eaten a girl scout cookie too.  i can't be sure.  after all...i DID "skip" dinner...

i vow to make today a bit more healthier.
breakfast:  waffle with almond butter.  just one more scoop of almond butter...
lunch:  turkey wrap with homemade guacamole.  pretzels and chips and more guacamole.  shoving my hand in the guac. bowl for more. now practically licking guacamole bowl...
dinner: Boca burger and fries.  not my typical sweet potato baked fries with olive oil.  nope.  not this week.  straight from the Orida bag in all their trans-fat glory. maybe a few carrots for good measure. and a big fat glass of Cabernet, because it pairs SO well with a veggie burger...
dessert: i *had* to bake brownies for Sam's preschool picnic Wednesday. the smell of baking brownies to me is probably a whole lot like cigarette smoke to a smoker. the brownies were barely out of the oven before I was frosting and cutting into them.  i rationalized i would not have the time to do it later when they were fully cooled.  naturally, they were a mess, so i had to eat the "pieces" that were not suitable for preschool picnic consumption.  when it was all said and done, i probably inhaled 3 brownies worth of "pieces".  All while watching "The Biggest Loser".  Lovely.

i vow to make today a bit more healthier.
breakfast:  as usual, something sensible. a banana with peanut butter.  jeez, i eat a lot of nut butters.
snack: cheese and triscuits. many more triscuits.  i am not eating anything else until the picnic.  pinkie swear.
lunch:  darn it all!  Sara calls and mentions going to Sweetielicious (they have gotten a good dose of my business this week!) for lunch.  had i eaten yet?  ummmm...nope. not really.  1/2 a veggie sandwich and pantry salad (that's the one with the candied pecans and mounds of blue cheese...mmmm...) later I did maintain some self control and said no to the cookies.  for now.
dinner:  a little randomness at the preschool picnic.  maybe a slice of pizza.  perhaps a scoop of taco dip and chips.  probably a few grapes to be a reasonable role model. and polished off with not one, not two, but THREE desserts.  I am a sucker for M&M cookies and PB cookies with the Hershey kiss on top...

Today i vow to make today a bit more healthier.  Maybe. 
At least I know I'll be lining up Saturday to burn off all the damage I did this week in a 25K with my favorite running girls. 

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  1. Don't be too hard on gotta live. That's a good eating week for me.