Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the road again

Greetings from somewhere in the foothills of North Carolina. Our journey began at a mere 5:30 am, when we shoved 2 bleary-eyed boys, still in PJs, into our Acadia, packed to the gills with unnecessarily large amounts of stuff. A travel mug full of coffee, vacation had begun, with yours truly behind the wheel to start our 12 hour road trip to Myrtle Beach. Have you ever noticed something about a road trip (and vacation for that matter) erases all the rules regarding diet, behavior, habits, etc.? Case in point: my snack bag for the car. Non-road trip Kim would happily munch on roasted almonds and make the boys munch on a cereal bar from Trader Joes. Road trip Kim, however, has managed to pack every high-fructose corn syrup/partially-hydrogenated oil/trans fat laden snack known to man. We've got goldfish (with marshmellows in them for god's sake!), Pringles (I believe you cannot go to the beach without them), Blow-Pops/Smarties (read: bribes), Chex Mix, Bugles, ChipsAhoy, Combos...oh, I could go on. There is something magical about putting the car in drive, embarking on your journey, with a fistful of sour cream and onion Pringles.
Not only do we eat with wild abandon, but all rules regarding technology get thrown to the wayside. 2 straight hours playing Pokemon on the DS? GO for it. You want to watch UP, Wall-E, and Cars all in a row? Knock yourself out! Just keep those headphones on and don't touch each other, please. No license plate games in this vehicle.
Hell, I am even letting Zach play his Ipod which is chock full of family favorites from Motley Crew, Pantera (really?), and Metallica. Rock on brotha. Just let me read my magazines (another rule: nothing less than smut and celebrity gossip allowed) and type my blog.
Directions? What exit? Uh oh...I'd better look like I am paying attention...
BTW-who knew there were so many "biscuit stores" around here...may have to add that to the road trip menu!


  1. Lol...Have a great trip my friend. Enjoy the sun and fun with the family :) See you soon...Wogan is counting the sleeps til his sambo is home :) ps...wogan's mom is counting too...

  2. OMG seriously I am so happy to have finally jumped on your blog, you make me laugh! And it's all so true! See u Monday!

  3. It wasn't Pantera, it was System of the Down. I had some nice songs on there too. A little Twisted Sister.