Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No really...where have YOU been?

So. I blog all about my training for this marathon.  I run this marathon.  Then, I don't blog about it.  I even go as far as teasing you with a little blog entry but then never follow through.  What in the heck is wrong with me?  Here's my theory: There are moments in my life that I would consider "Top 10s".  One such moment would be getting my drivers license, my ticket to freedom.  Another moment would be stepping foot into my college dorm and starting a new chapter in my life.  Getting married, another top 10 worthy moment.  Having my two children, yet 2 more top moments in my life.  And now completing my first marathon:  for sure top 10 worthy...maybe up there in the top 5.

So why can't I sit down at my ancient computer (blog entries will be a-plenty once we purchase our MAC) and write down my feelings, thoughts, anything about this blessed event?

Do you think you could write about your emotions, feelings, etc. about any of your top 5 life moments?  Can you imagine putting down into words when you were walking down the aisle, about to be given away by your dad to your husband?  How about when the doctor put your newborn warm baby on your chest and said "he's all yours?". 

Sure, I could write to you about the step by step (literally) of our marathon day.  I could tell you that we started slow, conservatively, and then went our separate ways at mile 15.  I could tell you about the awesome Baltimore crowds, my supportive friends there cheering me on, the thousands of runners we shared a smile or a conversation with over the course of 4-plus hours.  But to me, that wouldn't capture what my first marathon meant to me.  And, for the first time (probably ever in my life), I am at a total loss of words.

The only thing I can say is if you have ever had a dream of pushing yourself to do something that you weren't so sure you could do (but deep down kinda thought you could), just go for it.  Get out of your box.  Out of your comfort zone.  Because I promise you, when you achieve your goal (and you know you will) it will feel like nothing you have ever felt before. You will  be so glad you took a chance on YOU and went for it.  I know I am.

So I leave you with that.  I thank my Divas for taking a chance and coming along for the ride.  Staci who just ran Chicago 6 short days before and definitely pushed her body beyond its limits.  Amazing.  Lisa, my marathon virgin partner in crime, who shared this "first" with me.  Peg, who selflessly hopped on an airplane and came to cheer us (she too ran Chicago). And Sara, who swore she'd never do a marathon again but did it for me.  Gotta love these ladies.

And gotta love the fact that we are back at it again.  Yes...the emails are flying back and forth about our racing potential racing schedule for 2011.  Is there another marathon in this girl's future. 
You'd better freakin' believe it.

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  1. love it....I am patiently awaiting til midnight so I can register for Bayshore. I am only minutes away!!