Friday, April 16, 2010

Running workouts: Week 1

As promised here are my workouts from the first week of running classes.  All of you out there that took the classes:  YOU ROCKED!  You all did so awesome!!  Looking forward to next week (Wednesday class...gear up for some HILL work!!).  And for those friends far away and want to ease into a running routine, or change up your current running routine with speedwork and hills, have at it!

Running 101:
Topic of the week:  Setting goals and training journals.
I asked the group to jot down 5 reasons why they are getting into a running program.  I also asked them to write down one goal for the end of the 7 week session (i.e. run a 5K, run/walk a 5K, run a mile, etc.).  I talked about the importance of training journals.  I love seeing all the miles I have run and it comes in handy when I am nervous about an upcoming race.  I just look through my journal at all my hard work and feel confident that I am prepared to race and have trained hard!  There are lots of great online training journals or ones that you can buy (I use a generic one purchased at a running store) or a blank planner/calendar or plain old spiral notebook will do!)

The workout:  Brisk 5 minute warmup walk (Zone 1 build to Zone 2). Alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. Brisk 5 min. cool down (Zone 1).  This brought us to about 3.3 miles.  The group's homework is to do this workout 2 more times this week.

Zone 1: Very easy effort with comfortably light breathing (easily can carry on conversation)

Zone 2: Easy effort with increased breathing volume (can carry on conversation with short sentences)
Zone 3: Moderately hard effort with somewhat labored breathing (difficult to carry on conversation)
Zone 4: Hard effort with labored breathing (not able to talk)
Zone 5: Very hard effort with panting (all out effort)

 Speedwork Class:
- 1 mile warm up
- Timed 1 mile to determine various speed training paces (i.e. 5K, 10K, ½ marathon). Run a "comfortable hard" pace you can maintain for the mile.
- 400mx600mx800mx600mx400m with recovery jog in between (400 at 5K pace minus 10 seconds, 600 at 5K pace, 800 at 10K pace, 600 at 5K pace, 400 at 1 mile pace and all out)
- cool down


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  1. Kim - I have found that a really awesome component to speed workouts is after sufficiently warming up (say ~1mile), do 2 or 3 "strides" - you run a total of 100 yards by working your way up to 90% of absolute sprint speed and holding it for 5 seconds. This really helps the body "learn" to run fast and it doesn't knock you for a loop. Some folks also have you do a couple strides at the end of a workout so you learn that you can run fast when a bit fatigued.