Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The waiting is the hardest part...

The countdown is on.  T-minus 15 hours until we find out our marathon fate. 
At noon tomorrow Sara and I will be huddled at my computer and her laptop, while our kids are getting into Easter candy galore I presume since they know we are occupied.  We will watch a live telecast of the lottery presentation/drawing and then I assume we'll be able to get online and find out if we are IN or not.

The odds are against us, I know, as there are only so many they let into the race and everyone and their brother-in-law signs up for it.  I don't know the numbers...but it's alot.  Somewhere along the way I heard less than a 30% of getting in through the lottery.  But we are hoping and praying that they let these 2 DeWitt Divas in, along with our friend Kara who is a soon-to-be-adopted Diva since she'll be running the miracle miles with us.

I would have never thought I'd be this excited to run 26.2 miles.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon where I'll...start spreading the news....(first Tom Petty Frankie Sinatra?  CHEESEBALL!)

I've got a 6 pack of Oberon in the fridge be either celebrating a marathon entrance in New York.  Or one in Baltimore.

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