Saturday, June 26, 2010

Excuses, excuses...

I find it interesting that when I have a particularly crappy run, like my 10 miler this morning, I have tons of excuses swirling around my head for the entire 90 minutes or so as to why the run sucks. But, I find it even MORE interesting that most of those excuses for why the run was crappy, well, they also have been reasons why I have had a stellar run in the past.  Let me show you what I mean...

Here is the collection of the excuses I was saying in my head during my junky 10 mile run today:

1. I am running too late in the morning and feel sluggish after breakfast
2.  I hate these sunglasses.  They are slipping all over and distracting me.
3. It is too sunny outside and too freakin hot
4.  These dirt roads are uneven and annoying and I feel like I am running on the beach (yes, an exaggeration)
5. I hate running by myself.  (well, except for the annoying fly buzzing around me for 2 miles because I smell like a garbage heap)
6. My playlist is horrible on my iPod and it's making me run too slow. I should have left my iPod at home.
7.  I didn't eat the right thing for breakfast.  I forgot to eat a banana. I NEED to eat a banana before I run.  What was I thinking???
8.  I didn't drink enough water before I left and I am dehydrated (which I was because I was getting the chills)
9. I planned my water/gel stop to late in my run (mile 6.5).  The last 3 miles now feel like I am running through sludge.
10.  I think my shoes are tied too tight
11.  This black tank top attracts the sun and makes me too hot.
12. I haven't ran this distance in a few weeks so my legs are not built up for it yet.
13. The horses on the farm are staring at me funny (OK.  That wasn't really an excuse but I did lose my footing a couple of times because I was watching them)
14. I forgot to shave my legs.  That must be causing some sort of wind resistance slowing me down...don't swimmers need to shave their legs so they can swim quicker...?

as I got more tired...the excuses obviously got more ridiculous...

OK.  About a month ago I ran almost the SAME route in about the same conditions as I did today.  I had the best 10 mile time I have ever run in a long time.  Here's my spin on the above excuses for that day:

1. I love running later in the morning. It gives me a chance to digest my breakfast and ease into my run.

2. Wow!  I am glad I wore sunglasses. If I had the sun in my eyes it would be a total distraction.
3. What a beautiful sunny day for a run!
4. These dirt roads are so easy on the knees...ahhhh....
5. Sometimes I love running alone...just me and my thoughts
6. This music is motivating me to push it faster!
7. Thank God I didn't eat a banana this morning because all I would be doing is burping that sucker up.
8. I am glad I didn't drink too much water or else it would be sloshing around my stomach
9. Having my water/gel later in the run is helping me to hammer out the last few miles.
10. I hate my shoes too loose...I am glad I tied them tighter today.
11. I think this is my favorite black tank top to run in
12. My legs really needed a break from the long mileage so I am glad I took a break.
13. The horses on the farm are staring at me funny.  No matter the run...they always stare at me funny.  They are probably thinking "What in the heck is that thing doing running around?"
14. I can't remember if I shaved or not that last run so I got nothing on that excuse

Oh well.  I think some days you got it and some days you don't.  Perhaps next run I'll try to do it early in the morning, with my running divas, leave my iPod at home (along with my sunglasses), eat a banana and drink plenty of water, run on pavement most of the way (avoiding those pesky horses) and be sure to shave my legs.

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