Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Crew

I am beginning to think I will never remember what it was like to run with less than 3 layers of clothing on. Tonight was no exception.  Run class with the running 102 ladies, who have been inside on the dreadmill more time than they have been hitting the pavement outside.  So I told them come hell or high water (what does that mean anyway...come hell or high water???) we would run outside.  Even when I checked (if you looked at my history in my laptop, the most hits would be to Jim Cantore...) and saw the temp would be 13 degrees at 6 pm with a wind chill of 0 I figured we could tough it out.  Then I did what any reasonable girl would do and called her friend.  Who happens to be as crazy of a runner as I am.  And Sara said, "sure, let's go outside".  So I geared up:  a pair of tights, long smartwool socks, lined running pants, marino wool sports bra, smartwool tank top, icebreaker long sleeved shirt, patagonia fleece, and wind resistant outer shell.  2 pairs of gloves, ear warmers and a hat.
In a word:  Stay Puft Marshmallow (wo)Man (I guess that is 4 words)
To my surprise Sara wasn't the only crazy runner that joined me.  The rest of the Stay Puft Marshmallow gang started rolling in, donned in more layers of marino wool than a freakin' herd of sheep. 7 of us braved the elements and even started shedding layers as we started our hillwork.  
I can assure you, as we finished our workout and ran back up Schavey Road we got looks of disbelief from the drivers in their warm cozy cars, butts warmed by their seat heaters.  I probably would have thought the same thing any other day.  

But tonight I felt like a winter warrior, layers and all.  

The forecast for tomorrow's Speedwork class:
5 degrees, real feel of -13 degrees with winds at 17 mph.  
We'll just have to see about that one...

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  1. Keesha saw you out there - could not believe all of you were running outside! LOL