Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girl on a mission

It is hard to believe we are entering into week 8 of our marathon training.  Time for the mid-distance runs to get long and the longer runs to get, well, longer.  And longer.

At this point in the training is when I become the human carbohydrate garbage disposal.   The kitchen is at the mercy of my sweaty hands as I grab fistfuls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, girl scout cookies, jelly beans....WHOA!  Back it up, sister!

I had a revolution in my kitchen this afternoon (as I shoved honey whole wheat pretzels AND green jelly beans down my throat):  Just because I am running 35-40 miles per week, doesn't give me carte blanche to eat whatever I want.  Sure, I can splurge on cookies or some Relli's breadsticks (loove me some Relli's breadsticks) but let's make sure the bulk of the calories are actually fueling my body, shall we?  And if it's "bad stuff",  let's be sure it's homemade, without all the preservative crap-o-la. What a concept!

So for the rest of my training I am on a healthy snacking (for the most part) mission. And you are invited.  Feel free to follow and I'll post whatever things yummy I make.  I'll make some bad for you stuff too, I am sure.  Consider this my move towards food blogging...with a running twist because I am sure I will continue to have stories to share with my Divas!

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