Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i heart my running friends

do you have running buddies?  if not, you need to get yourself some pronto.  here's just a few reasons i love my running pals...

-they are your biggest cheerleader when you say "i think i want to do another six weeks", even though they probably think you are insane.  some may actually even say "i think i'll do it too!".

-even if they are injured and can't race, they will stand on the sidelines, hold all your crap, and cheer you on, even though deep down inside they are so sad they can't do it.  (xoxo Sara)

-they don't make fun of you when you wear your compression socks with your short shorts.

-they obsess over the weather with you, they obsess over running clothing with you, and they obsess about what to eat before a long run/race with you, they obsess over going to the bathroom pre-run with you.  and, they don't think you are weird for doing so.

-speaking of which, talking about going poo is a normal conversation starter.

-over the course of a 10/12/16/20 mile run, you can solve yours, your neighbors and the world's problems.  what is discussed on the run, stays on the run.

-after said problems are addressed, food recipes and alcohol beverages are the next topic of conversation.

-no matter what, someone is always up for a run.

-they find nothing the matter with squatting behind a bush, tree, sign, tall grass, etc. to relieve oneself.

-if you are tired there is always someone that will slow down, walk or rest with you. you want to run speedy?  someone will do it with you.  and if you are bordering on dehydration, she'll speed ahead to go grab water for you so you can finish your run (thanks Staci!)

-during a long run they will talk to you if you need to talk, shut up if you want them to shut up (and not get mad if you say so), go ahead of you if you are not feeling it, or stay behind with you if you ask.  somehow, they just know (or it could be the desperate pleas...)

-they are always plotting the next race even before the last one is over.

-it is never a race.  it is always a run.

-they start out as just your "running pals", but turn out to be the greatest friends a girl could ask for:

 our first long distance race 2gether:  the mint city 10 miler aug 2009

then the capital city 1/2 marathon sept 2009 

the jingle belle 5K dec. 2009

25K in grand rapids may 2010

post Relli's after our 20 miler

baltimore marathon expo oct. 2010

 at the finish baltimore marathon oct 2010

martian 1/2 marathon March 2011

 kalamazoo 1/2 marathon mother's day 2011

at the finish bay shore marathon may 2011

looking forward to many more ladies :)


  1. Kim I heart you too! Well said & we do have something special. I feel so fortunate to have you all as my running friends and best buddies.

    xoxo Lisa

  2. "The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."
    - Abraham Lincoln