Monday, October 1, 2012

i can't quite believe it...

i've got quite the little journey ahead of me.
in 2013 i've got 52.4 miles all wrapped up in the East Coast:
April 15th 26.2 miles in a little town called Hopkinton, MA
November 3rd 26.2 miles in a little bit bigger town called New York (f-ing) City, NY

i am pitting out sweat just thinking about it all.

so that's 2 of the 5 "world marathon majors" in one year.  ok, that sounds pretty flipping dorky.  but there are 5 freaking amazing marathons to run in the world...and i will be running 2 of them within 7 months.

perhaps i should do chicago, berlin and london in 2014, the year i turn 40.
just kidding.  or maybe not.

now i think i just peed myself.

anywho, bodily functions aside, i thought i'd put this blog back into play and get away from the old time sucker that is facebook and waste my time a bit more constructively by chronicling my journey to Boston and NY right here.  while i can't promise everyday posts (like you'd really read those anyway), i hope to write regularly enough so i have something to look back upon the week before each race and chuckle.

this could be my little piece of sanity during this crazy @ss journey.
won't you join me?
feel free to follow me on this blog.  would love to have you along for the ride :)

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