Sunday, March 28, 2010

Divas kick it with Ronald McDonald

Lisa, me and Peg at a chilly pre-race

Well, friends the first 5K of the season is behind us: The Ronald McDonald House 5K (Run for the House). It was great, albeit a bit of a hectic start to my morning. I get a bit OCD when I run races. I lay out my clothes neatly the night before. I also get the coffeemaker geared up for my pre-run cup of joe (you know, a girl's gotta make sure she hits the bathroom before she runs...). I put my D-tag (timing chip) on my sneakers (yes, i call them sneakers. back off.) and be sure my bib with my race number is pinned to my shirt.

This way, when I wake up, I just need to worry about the weather (it was a beautiful sunny crisp worries there), drink my coffee, eat my banana w/ peanut butter (another ritual) and hit the loo (what am I, British?) before I head out the door. But there was a kink in my plans: 5 minutes before I need to pick up my girls (and Tom!), I do a final check. Sneakers-check. Race bib-check. After race attire-check. Ipod. Ipod? Where is my ipod? Where is my freaking IPOD?!?!

I frantically search and it is nowhere to be found. I see Zach's but mine is gone. Could he have mistakenly grabbed mine when he went for his 11 mile run earlier? I am cursing him under my breath as I grab his instead. I have GOT to have music. Unfortunately, it will have to be Zach's bang-your-head-against-the-wall-and-say-the-F-word music instead of the carefully laid out playlist with the likes of Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas that I had qued up for this race. *sigh*
Needless to say, I am jammed up. At least I have an excuse if I totally blow this run...

We waited patiently for the run to was a bit chilly to say the least. We had a few gals join our crew that have not run a 5K before (so proud of them!!!) so it was fun to feel their excitement. I lined up at the start and scrolled through Zach's interesting assortment of music to find a 5K playlist with some stuff I could handle. We set off and 2 minutes into it Lisa tells me we are at a 7 min mile pace. Whoa...we need to slow this train DOWN if I am going to last 3 more miles.

me (white) and Lisa (green) early in the race (Kim! Open your freakin eyes!!!)

But I pressed on. And on and on and on. I'd once over the person in front of me and if it was a female and she looked as if she was in my age group, I'd try to pass her. I claim I am not competitive but...maybe I am just a liiiiiiitle bit...

At the finish there were a couple of men and I decided I'd try to smoke them too (gotta give it up for girl power!!). I had the juice to get past one of them, but couldn't quite take the last guy on. I was so busy focusing on beating the boys that I was shocked to look up at the finish clock and see 23 minutes (i didn't even focus on the seconds). WHOOT WHOOT! I am under 24 minutes!!!

All I have to say is the Divas cleaned house at the Ronald McDonald 5K. Peg won the Overall Female Grand Masters runner (and I think a PR? or darn close!) and Lisa got 2nd place female in her age group and a PR. The other gals got automatic PRs since it was their first 5K and I hope they come out for another one! As for me, I was just so happy to rock it under 24 minutes, which was my goal. Officially I finished 23 min 38 seconds which got me first place female in my age group and a medal from Mr. Ronald McDonald himself (I have to say...he was a bit freaky...). All and all, it was a most successful day.

Now if I can only find that darn ipod...

Lisa, me, Sarah (a first 5Ker), Peg, and Danielle and Liam (our cheerleaders)

Me (a bit too excited) and Ronald McD at the awards ceremony


  1. Good Lord I just found my stinkin' (as Sam would say) ipod. It was under in between cushions in my couch. Honestly...

  2. Way to go!!!! So proud of you and the other Divas.