Wednesday, March 24, 2010

speedy gonzales...

Do you remember the old Looney Tunes cartoons with that little mouse with the big sombero on his head? That old Slyvester the cat would try to catch him and POOF! there he would go...speeding away.

That's sort of how I felt last Friday in the beginning of our 11 mile run. Only I wasn't Speedy G. It was Peg and Sara, with their invisible somberos on their heads, shouting "¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!", and me panting like Slyvester in the back (Lisa hanging with me). When it was all said and done we averaged around a 9:20 pace for 11 miles...a little too fast for this cat (considering your long runs need to be 1-2 min per mile slower than your 1/2 marathon race pace). Now get me on a 5K and I'll ¡Ándale! my little butt super quick to the finish. But sista has to take her sloooooooooow on these longer jaunts.

And I also felt pretty darn awful after that run too. A bit sick to my stomach, a bit Gut Rot-esque and not wanting to eat (which you really should have some sort of recovery snack/drink post long run). Just BLECH. There are always so many factors to consider. Did we run too fast?(probably) Did I eat enough pre-run?(probably not) Did I drink enough water before?(that would be a no) Was it the GU I tried?(probably not)

We are doing our long run today (Wednesday) instead of Friday because most of us are racing in the Run for the House-Ronald McDonald 5K on Saturday morning (where I am planning on uttering a little "¡Ándale!" action for sure. Dare I say this race I try to break 24 minutes????). I am paying close attention to what i am eating pre run: I had a banana w/ PB (my fav pre run snack) for breakfast and a big bowl of Irish Steel Cut oats mixture (see below) for pre-run lunch. And I am drinking lots of H20. Also, I premade a protein smoothie with Arbonne chocolate protein powder (my fav), milk, banana and ground flaxseed and stuck it in the freezer so it will be ready for me to drink when i am done.

Now ladies...let's take it nice and sloooooooow :)

Kim's Steel Cut Oats

Cook Irish Steel Cut Oats according to package directions. In last 10 or so minutes of cooking, add a handful of raisins, a couple tablespoons of ground flaxseeds and one grated apple. When finished cooking add 1 handful of toasted walnuts and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter.


  1. It was a beautiful day for a run here. Hope you had fun. Good luck this weekend.

  2. Kim, Thought I would share and that you and others could appreciate. The female runner next to me at the Y today had her treadmill set to 8.2!!! Don't even know how fast that is. I have never gotten close. I felt pretty lame by comparison.

  3. OMG Di, that is hysterical! I hope she was only doing intervals and not holding that pace for a long time. YIKES!!

  4. She held that pace for at least 30 minutes...was at it when I arrived and got off after I did!!!!

  5. I never want to hear you complain about how fast I run again. 9:20 on a long run? Chica, you rock! :-)

    When my ankle finally heals, I'm gonna have to join ya'all.

  6. oh Hollie-I was not enjoying that pace! We would LOVE to have you on a run. Right now we are going on long runs every Friday afternoon 1 pm while we have kids in school. In the summer we get the babysitter to come watch!
    Also, I'd love for you to do the speedwork class at the Y with us. It is Wed. 10:15 am...not sure if you can swing that with work. I think they are going to add another evening session next time around...