Sunday, March 21, 2010

My life is one big lottery

I am impatient. My mother and my husband will attest to that. For example, I can't go to the grocery store during "busy times" (i.e. Saturday or Sunday afternoons). I hate navigating my cart around people deciding if Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms would be a better choice or the ladies having a casual conversation in front of the spaghetti sauce. I scan the checkouts looking for the least possible amount of people and items, only to ALWAYS pick the wrong line and get the person with 9 thousand coupons and most of them not scanning ("Did you really buy 5 boxes of cereal?"). In fact, on the rare occasions we do go to Meijer as a family (or anywhere that requires operating a cart for that matter) Zach doesn't allow me to drive the cart, for fear I will either 1. take someone out with it or 2. get into a fight.

So when I signed up for the New York City Marathon, in NOVEMBER, I mentally prepared myself for a bit of a wait. I studied the site, learning that 100,000 of my closest friends and I will be putting in an application in hopes to run 26.2 on November 7th 2010. Application deadlines are March 15th and our numbers get put into a lottery, which I assume (and read somewhere I am sure) will be drawn end of March. So I wait. And wait. And wait. March 15th comes (the IDES of March). Good. Now no one else can sign up for the race and the lottery will be drawn. For good measure, I check my stutus online, just in case they have chosen and haven't told us yet:

Welcome Kimberly
Marathon registration status: In Lottery
Entry number: 448421

Well, I suppose they'll draw in the next few days.
Not so much.

I get on NY Marathon Facebook Page where some dude named Ed Fortune (he is the site Admin. I wonder if he gets guaranteed entry into the race...sucker) posts one little sentance: Big news: The marathon lottery drawing will be held beginning on April 7, 2010.
Big news???? Are you freakin' kidding me? I have to WAIT another 3 weeks to find out? Good thing I am not in the grocery store with Ed. I'd run over his foot with my cart for sure.

The other waiting game encompassing my life right now is Kindegarten round up. A bit different than the marathon, but equally important to my sanity as a mother. We have decided to sign Sam up for the full day Kindegarten option for school next year. Our district offers 3 full time classes (the rest would be 1/2 day), so that's about 75 slots. And what happens if more than 75 kids sign up for the full day option? You guessed it people: Lottery time. Which would be held April 30th. More waiting. Grrrr. And heaven help Keith Cravotta (the principal) if he pushes that date back into May. He's getting mauled with the shopping cart too.

Well, one lottery at a time. First I'll concentrate on *patiently* waiting for April 7th. Sara and I decided that since that falls on Spring Break, we'll let the kids play and we'll stare at the computer all day. And depending on the outcome, we'll either celebrate, or commiserate, with a few cold beers. Maybe in the meantime I should play Powerball or something.

C'mon lucky number 448421.


  1. Hey! I just remembered something else I have to wait for in April. To find out whether or not I passed my AFAA group fitness certification. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck with the waiting and the results!