Saturday, October 22, 2011

zero week

what have i been up to since i ran my 3rd marathon, you ask? (or maybe you are not asking.  maybe you could care less.  guess what?  you are reading this blog so i guess you're gonna have to hear it anyway)
well, i can tell you what i have NOT been doing:  running
that's right.  i have been sitting my lazy post-marathon self on the couch and eating reese's peanut butter cups and drinking diet coke.  i have shoved my sneakers (yes, all 7...or 8 pairs of them) in the back of the closet and have lived in my ugg slippers.  i haven't heard the chime of my garmin in 6 days (but who is counting?).  other than a short run with my running 102 class, i have not ran since the 26.2.

and i love it.

usually i'd be all antsy and wanting to get out for a run to "shake the legs out". i'd be counting the days until i can hit the pavement again for a speed workout.  and even though hal higdeon gave me permission to run on the thursday after the marathon (he calls this "zero week"), i didn't run.  i walked on the treadmill.  WALKED, PEOPLE!

and i loved it.

i've got a date tomorrow** to hit the road running.  but for today i am going to enjoy one more guilt free day of parking it :)

**note to above:  4 mile run this Sunday morning on a beautiful crisp fall day.  still no regrets for taking a full week off of running but it felt SO good to get back out there.  friends, revel in the fact that we get to make a choice everyday if we want to run or not because I promise you, there are folks out there that wish they could.  but on the same note, it is perfectly OK to stop and put those feet up every now and again.

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