Thursday, September 23, 2010

The glass is half full

Tomorrow is the day of this marathon training I have completely and totally dreaded.  The 20 miler.  Yes, I did run 18.  And 19 miles.  But 20 miles?  Gulp.  That is going into another numerical bracket and getting out of the teens.  Being as type A as I am, I have been voraciously studying to see what Friday's skies have in store for us.  As of 6:12 pm Thursday evening, here is what we've got:
9am: Scattered Thunderstorms.  21 mph winds. Chance precip: 40%
10 am: Scattered Thunderstorms.  21 mph winds. Chance precip: 30%
11 am: Isolated Thunderstorms (hey, it's getting better!).  22 mph winds (shit, spoke too soon). Chance precip: 30%
12 pm (yes, we will still be running): Isolated Thunderstorms. 23 mph winds. Chance precip: 30%
1 pm (you got it...still could be running:  WINDY. (you know you're screwed when it just says that) 24 mph winds. Chance of precip: 20%

Let the obsessing begin:  What to wear?  Will it rain?  Will we get struck by lightening? We are already jammed up about when to drink water and eat GUs and hell, I am freaking out a bit to run 20 miles but now we get to add mother nature to the mix.

So let's do the flip-side and make it all sound better.
-Instead of 20 miles in this weather, we could be running our 26.2 in this junk.  Doing it now ensures that we'll have nice weather for Baltimore, right?
-It could be 90 degrees instead of 70 degrees
-It could be a 90% chance of rain instead of 20-40% chance.  So that means it's 60-80% likely it WON'T rain.  I'd take those odds in Vegas.  I think.
-23 mile per hour winds.  Not too much I can come up with that other than at least it's not wind with hail, ice, sleet and the like.  Perhaps that wind will push our rears from behind the whole time and make us super speedy?
-I could be doing this alone.  Thank goodness for the Diva's, or else I'd call 19 miles two weeks ago good enough.
-The end of the run is at Relli's where we will feast on greasy pizza, over sized bread sticks, and large Oberon beers.  Ahhhh...that will get us through.  I hope.

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