Sunday, September 12, 2010

You know you are training for a marathon when...

Having trained for this godforsaken marathon for 13 glorious weeks now, I have had time to experience many aspects of getting ready for this race.  I would like to present to you:


You know you are training for a marathon when:
-weeks away from the race, you are already thinking about what you will wear on race day (this may only pertain to us "Type A" runners)
-during the last few weeks of training your long run is "JUST" a 12 miler
-a 3 mile run doesn't even seem worth running
-you can't stop eating everything in bless'd sight (like blowing through an entire jar of peanut butter in a week)
-on that note, you run more miles per week than you ever have, yet you have gained 2 pounds (READ: unfair)
-you find yourself discussing your nutritional intake on yesterday's 19 mile run to someone at a party (and you can't understand why he isn't engaged in when/where you should take your GUs)
-you can perform a myriad of bodily functions (i.e., pee, poop, snot, spit) just about anywhere during a run.  Pop a squat on the River Trail? check.  Poop in the corn field?  check.  Farmer's blow on command?  check.
-you have more running shorts, running tanks, and Smartwool socks in the laundry than you do jeans and Tshirts
-on your "rest day" your kids ask you why you are not running
-you hear the distance alert chime from your Garmin in your sleep
-you eat the same meal before a long run every week (That one is for Sara and her goulash)
-you are slightly amazed at the fact you just ran for 3 hours consecutively, but don't toot your horn too much knowing for the marathon you need to go another hour or so.

please feel free to add to the list...


  1. I swear I heard my garmin chime last night!!! You spoke the truth. Especially eating all the time. I am over being hungry :)

  2. Oh my gosh, so true but also truly amazing!! Who would have thought a couple of years ago we would be training for the BIG one!
    I have one to add to the list (maybe just me) . . . You know you are training for a marathon when you need to go to sleep directly after putting your kiddos in bed. I am done with being tired and hungry!

  3. By the time the Dalmac finally - FINALLY - got here I was so over it. I didn't even care if I was ready, I just wanted it to be over! Sounds like you're just about there.