Friday, September 17, 2010

Only 12

Here we go...only 4 more long runs until the big kahuna.  Today it was "just" a 12 miler on a beautiful overcast 60 something degree day.  Normally, "overcast" and "beautiful" do not coincide but in a runner's mind, they do.  No sun to contend with, just the cool breeze in our faces as we ran a couple of loops around East Lansing. And after trotting along for almost 2 hours, we treated ourselves to some Bigby coffee:  for me a big old steamy Bigby mocha (chocolate, caffeine, and milk-it was the perfect recovery drink, right?  Scratch that, the perfect recovery drink is a big old frosty Oberon beer...but we'll save that one for post 20 miler). 

It seems hard for me to believe that after the dreaded 20 miler next week, we'll have "just" 12 and "just" 8 miles to go for long runs.  So many months of training, planning, speculating, dreaming...and it's almost over.  It makes me kind of sad that the training is coming to an end (what am I crazy?!?!?!?) but I am sure the Diva's will come up with some other crazy race to get us through the winter months.

Our flights are reserved.  Our hotel room is secured.  Pre-race dinner plans are being thought of (Dinner at Little Italy in Baltimore...yummm...).  We even have our massages scheduled already for crying out loud (something to look forward to for sure).  It's really almost here.

Just that big old 20 miler looming ahead of us next Friday.  But don't worry, we've got even better post run plans in store for that...look forward to a photo documentary of this last big training run.  I am sure it will be quite classic...(promise I won't take any pics of anyone pooping in the corn field.  you know who you are...)


  1. I'm focused on the fixation on the Bigby Mocha ... are you sure we're not siblings in some other life?

  2. We just may be Jim...
    but do you know what is better than a Bigby Mocha? STARBUCKS mocha.
    Even better? STARBUCKS peppermint mocha. YUM