Sunday, January 15, 2012

comfort food

there's something about running 14 miles in the cold snowy air that makes you want to eat.  and eat.  and eat.  let's be real here.  for me, there's something about running 4 miles on a perfect Fall morning that makes me want to eat. and eat. and eat.

anywhoo, as the snow gently falls outside my kitchen window, and my legs feel like there are 20lb dumbbells attached to my nonexistent toe nails, i am concocting a comfort meal food to go along with our "family night" of movies (good god i hope i stay awake) by the fireplace.

first up, pour me a glass of this:

i wish i could tell you it was a 1993 bottle of the finest chardonnay from our last sojourn to Napa Valley.
Nope.  it's a 2011 bottle of 2-buck-chuck from my last trip to Trader Joe's.  classy.

for dinner i made a recipe from my favorite blog Eat, Live, Run:

now i can't promise that it will fix your life but the wine you are drinking while preparing it certainly can numb things for a while.  also be forewarned it takes a little while to prepare and you will use multiple pots and pans in the process. (ps. i got a new iphone so there will be multiple pics now on my posts. deal with it.  at least i am not taking shots of my *non*toenail).

then i needed dessert.  so I made Apple-Crumble-and-Vanilla-Ice-Cream but realized i forgot the ice cream.  of course i ran out to the little store up town and grabbed a $6 1/2 gallon of vanilla.  a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

according to my garmin i burned roughly 1400 calories on my 14 mile run.
i then promptly added them back after eating this meal.

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