Monday, January 9, 2012

my 2012 diet: wine, coffee, beer, sugar

all in moderation of course.

in the years past you may (or may not have...lord knows you have better things to do than read this blog) have read about my quest at the detox.

smoothies all day long.  no grains.  no dairy.  no coffee.  no diet coke.  blah!

i just couldn't do it this year.  oh, but i tried.  i vowed after chasing mounds of dips, chips and snacks with beers and apple pie drink (made with Everclear GRAIN alcohol.  oh, and my MOM made it) on new years eve that i was getting clean.  detox for sure.  out with the old and in with the new.
then i opened up a bottle of wine.

here's my thought for the new year.  moderation.  a glass of wine here.  a cup of joe there.  if there's a cookie to be had, eat the f-ing cookie.  then maybe chase it with a spinach smoothie.  perhaps try a couple of clean eating recipes each week.  maybe swap a cup of green tea for the starbucks a few times a week.  i'll share anything on here that is remotely tasty.  stay tuned.

ps.  and where the hell have you been?  i've been blogging all year and i haven't seen you.
ah.  i lie. i think i fell off the blog wagon. i'll be better.  promise.

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