Thursday, January 12, 2012

the badge of honor

after wearing my smartwool compression socks for a *few* days non-stop (less to take a shower.  i think i took a shower this week...), i peeled them off this evening to rub my barking dogs.
in fact, i rubbed a little more off than i bargained for.
my big toe nail.

now this is not the first toenail i have lost in my short career as momma runner.  i lost the 2nd toenail after my first half-marathon a few years ago.  but let me tell you, the 2nd toenail is just a tad bit smaller than the biggins toenail.  I mean, they don't call it the "big toe" for nothing.

that sucker fell off without warning.  sure, i had some issues with it after my fall marathon, but i guess the layered on polish from pedicures of past hid the fact that she was ready to come off.  it's a little scary looking.  i called my kids in to look at it...they both gagged and went back to their angry birds.  all i can think is this baby better grow back for my cancun trip in april.

i've heard that losing your toenail is a badge of being a "true" runner.  sort of like running in a downpour.  or through a wind so strong you feel like you are running into a wall.

the bottom line is you don't look so pretty after any of these, but you still feeling amazing :)

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