Monday, July 19, 2010

3 short months to go

July 16th we ran 12 miles
August 16th (or the week of) we will run 17 miles
September 16th it will be a *short* 12 miler

And October 16th the mack daddy:  26.2 miles.


And ya'll...3 months goes by pretty darn fast.  But ironically it is not the 26.2 miles I fear doing at the moment.  Nope.  It is the 20 mile training run that we are slated to do week 15 of our training. Everything I have read says if you can do the 20 miles, you can do the 26.2.  They say the last 10K is a mental game.  But what they DON'T examine is what happens if you can't do the 20 miles?  What then? It's not like you can turn around at week 15 and say, "Oh well.  Couldn't do the 20 miler.  I guess I am not doing the marathon".  So you sort of have to push through it, I suppose.  Jeez.  A lot of pressure lies in that training run on September 24th. 

At this point in my training, I am putting my faith in Hal Higdon, my Saucany's, and my Divas. 

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