Wednesday, July 28, 2010

enjoying the fruits of labor

This will be a short post today, as I have 4 hungry boys (nope, didn't sprout 2 more kids...friends that slept over...) looking for pancakes and running class to teach this morning.  Sunday a group of us ran Ele's Race 5K here in Lansing area.  The group is from my running classes, either looking to just walk/run a 5K or blast through with a PR or placement. 
I was excited to run the race, however was not feeling the love of a PR Sunday morning.  And, I don't say that just to say it and then bust out and come in first (not that I could compete with this group Sunday).  I think you can feel when you will run strong and awesome, and when you won't.  I had a good time (about 10 seconds over my personal best) and placed 5th in my age group and got a really cool mug that I am currently drinking some good Peet's coffee out of as we speak.

check me out (all black on the side) looking at that dragon thing and thinking WTF is that?

I think the biggest accomplishment of the day, however, is my group of "running 102" girls who wanted to break that 30 minute 5K barrier.  I can't describe the feeling watching them all cross that finish line at 28 min, 29 min, even 29:5something (it's before 30 minutes and that's all that counts).  These girls started my Running 101 class in March not thinking they could even run a 5K in it's entirety.  Now, 4 short months later, they are crushing their goals with some amazing times.  Kudos to you Linda F, Kristin D, Kris D, Ellen S, Meggan A, Candace H and Leah H!!!  

 kristin, me and kris gutting to the finish

The whole fam got in the fun...Zach PRed, getting under 25 minutes.  Sam and Tyler ran the mile race with us following the 5K and did great.  Tyler, Taylor and Logan sprinted to the finish (Moms and Dads trailing behind...we were tired!).

me and Logan (sara's son) crossing the finish while Tyler collects his medal
zach and sam approaching the those "yittle" legs!

My Diva girls did awesome as well...of course!  Staci and her 8 year old son Parker took first in parent/child, Peg placed 1st in her age group, Sara placed 11th in her age group and Kara placed 2nd in our age group.  Smokin' :o)
the usual cast of characters: kim, sara and peg

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