Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm meltingggggggggggggggggggggggg...

So you know those really HOT days of summer?  I mean those REALLY hot days where you walk outside and you *try* to take a breath in but you feel as if you are swallowing water instead?  Those sweltering days where you go outside to grab your mail and you have sweat trickling in between your boobs? (sorry, men out between your back...) You look on your street and there is NO ONE, not even a dog, outside playing.  Then, in the distance, you see some crazy ass fool be-bopping down the street.  Is she...?  Nah.  She couldn't be.  But as she gets closer you realize, yep, that insane person is actually RUNNING in this scorcher.  IS SHE NUTS??!?!

That would be me.

I would have gone on the treadmill.  Really, I would have.  But, I promised my running class I'd do a group run with them. Besides, my car thermometer is *only* reading 81 degrees (ps. it's 10 am).  Compared to the 90 degrees I ran in yesterday, this is some cool weather.  I might grab my running tights.  Brrrr...

Anyway.  I meet up at the Y with 2 other hardcore fools and we start off on our 6 mile run.  2.3 miles into it, one of the gals veers off, taking the shorter route back to the Y.  Smart, smart girl.  Staci and I press on. My tank top comes off mile 2.5.  Let me digress here about running in just a sports bra.  I have NO shame.  If it is hot, and you are running with me, you might see a little bare stomach.  Hell, today I would have run naked if it weren't against the law (Is it?). So, I say whether you have a flat iron tummy or a little love handle action on the side (like I do), let her all hang out.  Maybe just try to tan the belly a little bit beforehand so it isn't so blaring white, OK?

Anyway, here we are, be-bopping down the street.  Me in all my sports-bra-clad wonder, sweating and panting like my dog when she doesn't know better to come inside on a day like today.  1 mile feels like 10.  I make Staci stop with me at the park for a small shower in the water fountain.  I make Staci stop so I can pick up my discarded tank top from earlier (good excuse, huh?).  I make Staci stop and walk with me because I am hallucinating.  Staci, by the way, is trying to chat with me in an effort to keep both of our minds off the heat.  It would have probably worked better if I wasn't moaning every 2 minutes "OH MY GOD. IT IS SO HOT. ISN'T THIS AWFUL? OH MY GOD.  IT IS HORRIBLE OUT HERE".  So much for a positive attitude, Coach Kim.

Finally we are on the home stretch.  We may be picking up our pace a little as we know the end is in sight. I even start contributing to the conversation instead of grunting and groaning. I glance up at sign in front of the high school that reads the date, time and current temperature.  92 degrees.  Are you freakin' kidding me?  No wonder there was NO ONE out on the roads with us.  We passed not a single biker, runner or even dog walker.  Not a one. 

Crazy ass-fools, indeed!  But oddly enough, afterward when we were walking back to the gym and discussing cold Oberon beers and 5K races, it didn't seem all that bad.  :o)

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