Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hooked on a feeling

I suppose it's the feeling the gambler gets when she walks into the casino and hears the clink of the slots and sees the dealers at the blackjack table.  It's probably the feeling the car enthusiast gets when he hits a classic car show and smells the exhaust of a 1957 Camaro or spots the shiny red paint job of a souped up Mustang.

That's how I felt walking through the doors at Playmakers Thursday morning, coffee in hand, ready to face the madness of the semi-annual sidewalk sale.  I got that jolt of excitement (coupled by caffeine), butterflies in my stomach and a skip in my step like I couldn't get in there fast enough.  Once I walked through the doors, got a whiff of that "Playmakers smell" (akin to a "new shoe" smell) and grabbed a big red shopping bag to stash my treasures in, I was in my glory.

front of store (picture from Playmakers website)

Background:  I love to shop.  I love to run.  When I can bring both worlds together, it is like mixing chocolate ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups in a DQ Blizzard:  Heaven.  Playmakers caters to the running population here in the greater Lansing area and sells everything from sneakers (yes, SNEAKERS. not TENNIS SHOES), Uggs, running clothes, yoga attire, kids stuff, and any kind of accessory to running you could think of, down to GU and 26.2 stickers. 

Every January and July they hold a "sidewalk" sale where they close the store down on a Wednesday, mark down prices, and open their doors Thursday morning at 6 am so crazy individuals like myself can storm in looking to stock up on gear for the season.  The place is madness.  Think day after Thanksgiving sales...but worse because you have lots of type A runners (like myself) looking for specific things in a very calculated manner. 

picture of the sidewalk sale from Playmakers website

My first rule for the sale:  Get there the first day. Earlier the better.
Second rule:  Bring NO kids. 
Third rule:  Hit the clothing items first, hit the shoes second.  If there is time, shop for hubby and kids. 
Fourth rule: Try not to calculate the cost of the collective items in the gigantic red shopping bag. 
Fifth rule: Try to get only what you need. 

I guess this July I "needed" lots of things:  2 pair of sneakers (the tried and true Saucanys plus a Brooks trail runner), 2 pair of shorts, 3 tank tops, 1 visor, 1 cute t-shirt (everyone needs a cute t-shirt), pair of unders and bra (can't neglect the nether regions), sports bra (impulse purchase that may be returned) and 6 GUs.  Oh, and 2 sleeveless shirts for the hubby (don't worry, he went Friday and purchased his own bounty).
The piece de resistance?  When you leave the store, they hand out chocolate covered Dove bars.  Hey, it ain't no Reese's flurry, but I'll take it.

Last rule: Once home, lay out ALL of your goods and justify OVER and OVER the uses you will have for each said item.  Try everything on again because you know your mirror at home is much more truthful than the distorted ones in the store.  If satisfied, ceremoniously rip the tags off of each purchase, declaring the items officially YOURS. 

Now all that's left to do is take your new goodies out for a test run :o)


  1. Having just enjoyed a DQ Reese's Peanut Butter Cup blizzard in Florida, I have to admit I can relate, Kim.

    And I know my wife relates to this ... great post!

  2. Love the post, it is so true! I was there even after coming back from a 2 week vacation BEFORE I got groceries. Locks like you got some great stuff, can't wait to check it out!

  3. Love it!! Living vicariously through your shopping experience :-D