Thursday, January 30, 2014

Running on the road

The next couple of days brought me running on the road in Salt Lake City, UT. I was there for a buying show. 

Day 31- 3 miles in a city I have never run in. After a few minutes and a few unsure steps, I gained ground and confidence as I toured the downtown area of SLC on foot. I stumbled upon this and stopped in awe (and in true tourism style shot a few pics)

Day 32: I woke up for an early run before our ski adventure with friends from work. 4.5 miles where my friend Maryellen kept me company on the phone (yes. I ran and talked on the phone. Sometimes u need a little motivation). Here was part of the view 

And then I stepped out of my comfort zone and skied:

(No that is not me snow plowing. But so what if it was! Lol!)

Day 33: back home and totally unmotivated to run after a long day of travel. But I laced up and headed into the wind and got 2 miles done. And then ate pizza and drank beer. 

Until tomorrow, run happy friends!

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