Thursday, January 2, 2014

streaking day 9

it's cold.
mutha flipping cold.  and windy.
we are talking negative numbers here people.
which is why i took it to the 'mill this afternoon.  i sure hope i can get outside tomorrow. my treadmill and i have a hate and super hate relationship.
anyway, i banged (?  is that a word?) out a quick 2.30 (but who's counting) miles and attempted to get my strength training on in between.
had to cut my workout short to go out and celebrate this lovely lady (picture circa 1980 something): my momma.
happy birthday to the best mom and nana anyone could ever ask for.  i am not quite sure what i would do without her.  she is the reason i am who i am today.

until tomorrow,  run happy friends!

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