Monday, February 17, 2014

snow.cold.wind. repeat

snow.cold.wind. repeat for like...ever.
day 53-the day the streak almost ended because my legs begged me to take a break.  but the sun was out.  quite the rarity around here these days. so I laced my sneaks and away I went for 4 miles.
day 54-just beautiful. 4.5 miles of running inside a snow globe.
day 55-the sun peeked out again in time for me to get 5 miles in.  tonight threatens more snow. sigh. 

on an unrelated to running note, i have started a little cleanse diet for myself.  i found that i have eaten naughty food and drank more naughty things than I really should be.  i feel sluggish and blobesque.  yes, blobesque is a word.   and always having a stomach ache is not cool. and shoving fistfuls of wheat thins in my face at work is super-not-cool.

anyway, i won't bore you with the details of the cleanse but basically doing smoothies for breakfast and veggie/fruit/nut/seed based meals and snacks for the first week.  no booze. no caffeine. so my love affair with strong Starbucks, cold cans of Diet Coke, and big glasses of red wine is being put on hold.  i imagine that next week i will bring the coffeemaker back on the counter (yes. i hid it.).  and, i am sure there will be a special occasion next week that warrants a beer to be drank (if anyone knows of any random holiday next week please let me know).  gradually i add back in seafood, gluten free grains, eggs, etc.  here is the plan if you want to check it out:

wish me luck.

until tomorrow, run happy friends!

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