Thursday, February 6, 2014

an international affair

i took the running streak international baby.  i couldn't take the cold.  I couldn't do the snow.  I couldn't stand the ice. so off to mexico i go.

day 38 - one more day of snowy cold for 6.5 miles.

day 39- 6am flight to mexico meant waking up at 2:50 am to get my run out of the way.  yes, the younger version of me would have been stumbling into my dorm kitchen, dipping copious amounts of pretzels into a variety of dipping sauces in a drunken stupor.  the 39 year old version of me is hauling her ass into the marriott courtyard fitness center to run 3 miles on a treadmill while watching "Philadelphia" on the treadmill TV. between sobs i finished my early morning run.

day 40-slightly (understatement) hungover from both the mexican sun, humidity and tequila, zach, his friend and i get almost 5 miles in running within the beautiful resort just after sunrise.

day 41- 3 miles on the sugar-sand of maroma beach. quiet solitude. 

day 42-4ish miles on the roads of the resort.  stumbled upon a quiet path that had signs lining the way warning of various animals one may encounter along the way. uhhhh yikes.  needless to say, i did a tempo run back to my room.

day 43- 2 last miles cruising along the beach. well, not really cruising.  just soaking it all in.  literally.  because today i leave to go back into cold cloudy michigan country. and i laid on a bed on the middle of the beach (literally...a bed on the beach!) and was grateful for it all.

day 44-2.5 miles was all i could muster on the treadmill.  home sweet home :)

until tomorrow, run happy friends!

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