Friday, February 21, 2014

yes. it's still winter out there.

well, it keeps on going...

day 56: inside for 3 miles.  treadmill, dreadmill. ho hum.
day 57: a few miles before run class...a few miles with run class... a few sprints...almost 6 miles
day 58:  happy birthday to kara!  a 5 mile run to celebrate

this could possibly be the most boring post i have ever done.

i will tell you that i fell off the detox wagon.  fast and furiously.  it started with needing some coffee to get me through our umpteenth snow day of the year.  and then, of course, i needed some wine later that evening to balance things out.  then it followed the next day by continuing with said coffee, and then sneaking a few crackers and. peanut m&ms.  then yesterday the wheels completely came off.  more crackers (i have slight love affair with triscuits), happy hour beer, cheesey baked ziti (havoc on my belly), another late night beer and onion rings. Fell off the wagon?  I'd say more like catapulted!

Until happy friends!

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