Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Good Summer Read

So I am on my Summer reading kick.  For whatever reason, Spring and Fall I don't touch a book.  But Winter and Summer I read with a vengeance.  In the summertime, there is nothing like an awesome page turner, a frosty beverage of choice, and sitting on my deck with my nose stuck in a book, completely ignoring the hollers and screeching of my children.
I am not part of a book club (although I have tried countless times to join one...I am just too non-commital!) but my mom is so I just piggy back off of the books she reads.
Anyway, if you have to read only one book this summer, pick up this one (or for those of you more technically savvy then yours truly, download it to your kindle or nook):

Albeit a touch disturbing, ROOM really takes you into the story.  I found myself thinking of Jack, Rug, Wardrobe and the rest of the gang for days and days.  
What book has grabbed you this summer so far???

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  1. omg I could not get enough of Jack, room, rug, wardrobe. I miss them and want to know more. I will be part of your book club and piggy back on with you :) sara