Thursday, July 7, 2011

where have you been?

I've been thinking something in my life has been missing.  Kids? check-right here playing Pokemon.  Husband? check-dutifully at work making the dough. Job(s)? check-still got 'em. Friends? Yup-pretty sure I have most of them still.  Blog? Blog?  Omigod!
I have neglected the one thing that brings me peace in my hectic life. Rather than try to write down what's been going on for the months (ACK) how about i post a few pictures?  And I promise (whoever it may be is out there listening) that I will be back on here with somewhat regularity with pictures, running stories, recipes, and whatever is going on in this crazy mind of mine!

 happy birthday to my Sam!  6 years old...

 best mother's day ever-2 hour half marathon with my fav running buddy!

another birthday celebration!  happy 8th bday to Tyler...

Bayshore Marathon-Peg and I hammered our 2nd marathon out together.  A BQ for Peg!

 Strong to the finish and a PR for me:  sub 4! (3 hours, 59 minutes, 20 seconds!)

Dewitt Girls finish strong: PRs, BQs and Firsts for all!

My Sam graduates from Kindergarten! (*SOB*)

Family trip to Baltimore to visit Loyola girls
Camping with some mean S'MORES

Tubing like we mean it

Home Sweet Home for 3 nights. This shot was taking pre-thunderstorm/flood.

Hope to see you all back here real soon.  Promise.


  1. Welcome back- you're stories always make me laugh!

  2. Camping was the wait I think your sub 4 marathon no I am thinking our mothers day run in 2 hours!! Great memories...xoxo