Friday, February 5, 2010

8 miles on a Detox

The Divas were 4 strong today on the 8 mile run. It was a cold and windy one to start but by the end we were all sweating in the usual and interesting places ;o) Perhaps the biggest highlight of our group runs is our half point water stop. It's where we slam down some water and a package of Sport Beans (made by Jelly Belly) and then start our run where we wait for the euphoric "jelly bean high" to kick in. I think it's all the sugar from the beans rushing to your head. Or perhaps they load them up with crack-cocaine that we are unaware of. Regardless, it's a fun feeling.
I know, I know...Jelly Beans are not part of the Detox Diet. But I think I could let that one slide, running 8 miles and all. I was so nervous to do our run today. I thought I would feel terrible on the 8 miles, especially since I could not have my usual pre-run banana with PB or bagel with PB. I felt really good though....must be that spinach :o)

Speaking of the Detox Diet (it's not like I have much else to talk about these days), it is going well. The food journal thing is a total bust for me. I knew it would be...I am just terrible at writing in those things. I prove to be much better on the computer, obviously :o)
Last night's "salad in a blender" green smoothie I had was HORRIBLE. GAG. Romaine lettuce blended with water. Add 2 stalks celery, 1 apple (peeled cored), 1 banana. Cilantro, Parsley and lemon juice. Really? And with that combo of ingredients, I thought it would be good because why??? I couldn't bring myself to even take a picture of it. It reminded me of the color of the fluorescent green socks (with matching t-shirt) I sported circa 1985. At any rate, I woke up this morning with much appreciation for my spinach/carrot and fruit smoothie. I made a new variation for breakfast and dinner today and I really like it. I could hardly taste the spinach...or maybe I'm immune since I've had 10 cups since this started. Sam, my 4 year old, LOVED the improved smoothie. Sara was my witness...he drank what I gave him and asked me to make more. Hmmmm....Detox for one...sneaky way to get fruits/veggies into a picky kid's diet for another....

Blend together:
2 cups spinach
1/2 - 3/4 cup cold water
1 carrot peeled and chunk
1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen blueberries

Listen to the nutritional value on this bad boy:
approx. 285 calories and 5 1/2 servings of fruit/veg (that almost knocks out your daily requirement!). And it makes a huge glass (16 oz or so depending on how much water).
Give it a whirl!!! (get it? Jeez, I am SO witty!)

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