Monday, February 1, 2010

It's 3 pm and I want a Diet Coke!

Day 1 of Detox. Is it over yet? Good God, I haven't even gotten into the real nitty gritty of the week and I am already a-bitching. And yes, you read right...I was supposed to start Sunday but Relli's pizza got the best of me. So I will have just 2 days of "prepare to cleanse" before I jump into the spinach, banana, strawberry smoothies. mmmmm....

Perhaps the hardest part so far is writing down what I eat. But I think it will be the best thing for me because who really wants to admit on paper that they take 2 huge spoonfuls of Pokemon macaroni and cheese or eat the crust off of a PBJ sandwich? I was real close today, but I resisted the urge and poured myself a cup of (DECAF) green tea. By the way, so far I have had 3 cups of decaf green tea. I miss my coffee and Diet Coke!

And why is it that when you are paying attention to what you are eating, you are always so freaking hungry? The last thing I want to eat is a handful of almonds or some raw veggies.
I think by week's end I am going to think my dog looks like a big yummy Dorito. And I don't even eat Doritos!! (but I would right now...)

Getting my mind off the detox for a second, week 1 of Hal Higdon training is under my belt. Ran a total 0f 19 miles for the week which included a glorious 8 mile stint on the treadmill at the YMCA with my girls Sara and Lisa. We were just too wimpy to get out in that wind and cold (hello...negative wind chill factors!!!). But we rocked it out...and if you ever have to do a long distance on a treadmill try this (thanks Sara for your idea!): 2 miles talking, 2 miles ipod, 2 miles talking, 2 miles ipod. If you don't have a buddy to talk to, just talk to yourself ;o) Or you could watch TV for 2 miles and then ipod for 2 miles, etc. It made it go by much quicker...if that is possible.

Stay tuned...Wednesday is D day. Detox day. Please think of me while you sip your Starbucks...(or eat any solid food for that matter!)

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