Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is why I run...

Why do you run? To get inside your own head for 45 minutes? To get the @#$% out of your house? To get away from people? To be with people? To challenge yourself-trying to up your miles or chase the ultimate PR? To lose a few lbs? To be healthy?
Do you know why I run?

I run so I can eat "Cake 3 Ways".

Most of you know, I love being the kitchen. I unleashed my inner Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart yesterday and whipped these up for my dear friend Kara's birthday get together. I made Lisa's chocolate cake (recipe on past entry) and used a 4 inch cookie cutter to cut out 6 pieces. Then I laced the cakes with 3 different frostings: (l to r) Dark Chocolate (recipe with Lisa's cake), Buttercream, and Peanut Butter so everyone could choose what they liked. Or, in my case, more than once liiiiittle slice of what you like. YUM!

There you have it. I run so I can enjoy my cakes. And brownies, cookies, guacamole and chips, a good draft Blue Moon and an oversized glass of Merlot. I am sure you are thinking, "what in the heck happened to that Detox girl of 2 weeks ago?". Well, I guess you need something in your system to actually cleanse out every once in a while. ;o) All in moderation, my friends.
I run for life's everyday little indulgances.

Oh, and to get the @#$% out of my house. I like that one too.

PS. Inspiration for Cake 3 Ways is from She is much fancier than I could ever hope to be but she has some great ideas for those that like to bake! I've done her cheesecake pops and Oreo truffles too.


  1. Too cute-- I totally missed the initials! You are a domestic goddess (and I mean that most sincerely! :-)

  2. Sheesh, a few busy weeks and I'm way behind on the Diva front! Let me start with the cakes . . . not only were they fit for a Martha mag. cover (the initials were so fancy and stinkin' sweet of you!), but the cake/frostings ranked up there with the best I've had. The peanutbutter/chocolate was my favorite ~ only after sampling all a few times over of course. So thanks, girl, for sharing your talent in the kitchen and your thoughtfulness too! Ok -- on to some more posts while I can keep kids in bedtime holding pattern . . . .

  3. Oh, and p.s. ~ I run to get OUT of my head for a bit and to get the #$@!* outta the house. :)