Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Excuse are cramping my running schedule!

ARGH! I just need to vent for a moment. Do these kids ever have school? I mean seriously. If it's not a "records day" (and just what in the heck is that, anyway?), it's a freakin' snow day, or some sort of seasonal break. Or someone's birthday. Or conferences (of which they do most of the "conferencing" at night so why are the kids at home?). I know, I know. Cherish your kids at this young age. They grow up so fast. You are lucky you can be home with them. Blah blah blah. Seriously, I agree with all that. Really I do! But not when it cramps my running training.

I try to get outside for a run at least 3 times a week and then do my speed training on the treadmill. If I get to crosstrain, that's a bonus. But as of late, there have been many factors that have been making this feat a bit, um, challenging. First of all there is the no school factor. This means I have at least one child to farm off to a friend's house so I can at the very least get my long run in with my girls. Another factor is this darn snow. Don't get me wrong, I'll get out there in chilly temps...but the slippery snow covered roads make me nervous. How mad would I be to turn an ankle on a 4 miler and not be able to run for months? A snowy day means I need to beg and plead my 4 year old to hit the YMCA tot watch more than the previously agreed upon 2 day weekly allotment he gives me. Thank goodness Lisa, the director of the Y, has the "bubble gum store" in her office, where she doles out gumballs to our little ones on our way out. If Sam's really in the bargaining mood it'll also cost me a cookie from the bakery too. The kid's no dummy.

That being said, I can't believe I am on week 5 of the 25K training program. Last week, despite weather and children home, I squeaked in 21.5 (that .5 is super important!) miles, including a 35 minute tempo run (that one cost me a cookie and a pack of gum from Rite Aid), a 3 mile early morning run at home during a snow day, a post snow storm run outside (I had exactly 90 minutes to run, shower and get back to Sam's school for "Dad's Day". Yes, I know I am not a dad. But Zach was away so I was playing duel roles). Finally, a relaxing 9 miler...nope, make that a 10 miler with Sara on Sunday.

Well, All and all it looks as if I have figured out how to fit it all in. Thanks for letting me vent. And here's hoping Spring is around the corner (I am just dreaming of running outside without my purple Barney wind coat on) and kids being in school for a full week!

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