Monday, August 15, 2011

Detox time...who's with me?

Dust off your blenders.  Hit Sam's Club for the oh-my-gosh-who-really-eats-that-much-spinach? sized spinach.  Sadly smooch your coffee makers goodbye for a little while.  It's The End of The Summer detox.

Here's the deal:  My liver is angry with me because of mass quantities of mojitos, Summer Shandys, Oberon and the like that have been consumed in mass quantities over the past few months.  My love handles are growing love handles.  I go from coffee to diet pepsi to wine, rarely drinking water.  I am always tired, which I find amusing because I should be jacked up on caffeine, and if my skin isn't breaking out into zits, it's looking like i have two big old bags under my eyes.  Heck, there are bags under my bags.  My skinny jeans are giving me a dirty look every time I pass them in the closet, as if to say "I DARE you to try me on right now...".

This situation needs to be addressed and this body cleaned OUT.

Anyone feeling the same?

So what are we going to do about it?  We are going to detox.  Do you remember when I did this back in January?  It's all about cutting out alcohol (i know...i know), caffeine, dairy, wheat and other common allergens.  But don't worry, it's only hard core for a week and then we start to add stuff back (yes, I add back a little alcohol.  A girl's gotta live you know.  Did I also mention "exception days?").

So I am posting a link to Whole Living.  Read up about the plan and let's get this thing started.  I love this detox because it is nothing funky...just whole foods. If you'd like to detox along with me, be sure to click to "follow" my blog and you'll get updates.  I am going to do the "prep work" Saturday and Sunday and then start the old Detox on Monday August 22nd.

Can't quite part with the margaritas and chips and salsa yet?  I can't blame you.  Follow the blog anyway and maybe you'll be inspired to join in at a later date...
At the very least you'll get some good laughs at all the random stuff I will be eating...
click here to see the Whole Living detox plan

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