Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tell me why am i doing this again?

the good news is that the caffeine headache has finally subsided.
the bad news is that if it weren't nailed down, i'd eat it.
in fact, i think the loaves of french bread were actually taunting me at Sam's Club today.

friends, i am hungry.  hungry like i could throw down 2 (that's TWO) peanut butter and honey (jelly sucks) sandwiches and a big tall glass of milk.  and i don't even really like to drink milk.  and to have a ice cold can of diet pepsi in my hand right now?  heaven!

but i have to say, i am feeling a bit better about myself than i was last week.  i am feeling a little bit *lighter*.  and i am super happy that instead of eating a handful of cheese its (how gross are those anyway? ewwww...) or scarfing the last spoonfuls of the kids' mac and cheese out of the pan (c'mon, i know you've done that too...), I am actually snacking on bowls of fresh fruit.

oh, what i wouldn't give to be drinking up one of these:

instead of whipping up this:

Detox Day 2:
among snacking on fruit and almonds (yawn) I made a yummy smoothie and a great quinoa salad recipe, both on Whole Living.  Made the smoothie as is and made a couple of modifications to the quinoa:
(for the salad i didn't have the zucchini so i added some spinach when i was sauteing the veggies).

Detox Day 3:
more almonds and fruit!  yipee! 
i also made my standby smoothie recipe (spinach, banana, blueberries, strawberries, water and protein powder).  
tonight i will probably throw down a big old spinach salad.  and wish i had a hunk of bread to go with it.

Also, I am thinking LARABARs would be approved for our detox.  There are only 2 ingredients in the cashew cookie bar (dates and cashews) and the peanut butter cookie one has peanuts, dates and salt (for when we add peanuts).  They are kind of high in fat, but who cares!  You gotta live a little, right?

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