Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what i've learned from week 1: all in moderation

So my summer edition of the Whole Living Detox has not been quite has hard core as my winter edition.  Not to say I didn't stick to it for *most* of week 1.  But, a girl's gotta live and when you go to a restaurant and instead of ordering cheese fries (sorry Deirdre) and some fried whatever, instead you order a salad with grilled chicken, i say its A-OK to eat the blue cheese that comes on it.

Or, when you've had a particularly exhausting day with 4 boys ages 8, 7, and 6 at MI Adventure (think roller coasters AND water park) with 7 hours full of rides, an injury requiring EMT, with only a Gatorade and LARA bar and a handful of almonds in the belly, an Oberon with dinner is perfect acceptable.

All in moderation my friends.  As far as I am concerned, Week 1 really reset my eating habits for the better.  

So with week 2 of the detox among us,  I am ready to start adding back in my friends wheat, dairy and caffeine!  and maybe another cocktail or two.  in moderation... ;)

ps. have you tried that zucchini or quinoa recipe from last post yet?  super yummy!

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