Sunday, August 21, 2011

Detox Week 1 must haves

DETOX T minus 12 hours!

As I roamed the aisles in Meijer today, listening to a lightened version of Lady Gaga (I swear it was) and deftly avoiding the wine aisle, and the bakery section, and any and all cheese, I wondered what in the heck I was going to eat for the next 7 days.  I suppose perhaps you are thinking the same thing.  Here is a list of the essentials for week 1 that were in my cart:

1. Seltzer water.  I need carbonation, even if it can't be caffeinated and full of saccharin. 
2.  POM juice, to flavor above
3. Frozen berries (smoothies)
4. Spinach (industrial size)
5.  Fruit! Fruit! Fruit!
6. Veggies!  Veggies!  Veggies!
7.  Sweet potatoes
8.  Quinoa.  The "un-grain"
9.  Soba noodles.  The "un-noodle" (as in no-flour, gluten free)
10. Almonds
11.  Almond butter
12.  Decaf Green Tea and herbal tea

Reading this list makes me want to YAWN.  And then it makes me want to eat a gigantic chocolate chip cookie dipped in peanut butter and wash it down with a huge mug of coffee and a Diet Coke chaser.  

Hey, some of you have been telling me you can't comment on the blog.  ARGH.  Try this way:  Click on the bottom to comment and make your comment and sign your name.  And where it gives you a drop down box if you don't have a google profile just select "anonymous".  That should allow you to comment!  

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